Employment History

Freeskier Magazine / Storm Mountain Media
Art Director
Boulder, CO — June 2015 to Present

Straight after graduation, Pops and I loaded up the ole' Silverado, attached a U-Haul trailer and headed out West to Boulder, Colorado. Been cranking out 'zines and dope ski content ever since. Definitely does not suck.

Blacktop Creative
Brand Artist Intern
Kansas City, MO — Jan 2015 to May 2015

This was a great internship. My time was spent working hard and observing what I liked and didn't like about agency life as well as how to work quickly yet efficiently. This was when I began drinking coffee, too—what a slippery slope that was.

Liquid 9
Design Intern
Kansas City, MO — Summer 2013

Unpaid internships aren't that tight. But, this might have been the exception to the rule. Shoutout to Frankie for putting faith in to me and letting me handle some awesome projects. Highlight: Creating Tech N9NE / Strange Music tee shirt designs.

Creative Intern
Leawood, KS — Summer 2012

My first look at agency life. I learned a lot about the inner workings of what makes a good company churn with my short time here.

The Jayhawk Café aka "The Hawk"
Door Man / Barback / Bartender / Designer
Lawrence, KS — March 2012 to May 2015

Just… Wow. The perfect college job. So many unforgettable nights forgotten.

Blue Chip Cookies
Cookie Master / Ice Cream Slinger
Leawood, KS — Sept 2007 to May 2011

If you know… you know. What a time to be alive.

List of Freelance Clients

Latch Consulting
Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder
Pinckney Elementary
Standard Bike Repair
Connor Leimer
KC Music
Kairos Audio
Juicy Tune
Dirt Monkey
Alex Sin
Nocturne Entertainment
Shepherd Goods / Lamb Chops
Dragons & Enemies
KU SigEp
First Chair Ventures
Level Management
Frank Royal
Chewy & Bach